Sunday, 16 October 2011

A lot of craziness!

well it has been ages since i've written, mostly because things in my life have been so crazy! i am currently staying in a hospital in kent while i get better. it's a nice enough place as far as hospitals go but it is really hard and i want nothing more than to go home and get back to school and see everybody!
i have managed to watch more tv in here than i think i've ever watched in my life- and it tends to be very intellectual shows like jeremy kyle and the big bang theory!
i have decided that i am going to take a gap year and apply pqa so that i am in the best state of mind when i do apply. i am hoping to get a job in starbucks and then do some travelling and volunteer/work experience in hospitals. my sister is off having a great time at cambridge which is amazing :)
i shall try and update this more often now that i'm starting to settle in here and get things sorted!
ps sorry about the lack of capitalsan my bb doesnt like them!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Work, work, work

Over the last few days I've managed to get a couple of things done! Impressive, I know! Yesterday I had my ECG and blood test at the doctors. They had to get the special nurse to do my blood test as my veins are so small and afterwards, as we were waiting at reception for a letter, I suddenly started feeling very sick and faint and had to get carried into a doctors room for a lie down by the nice young male doctor ;) I was soon feeling better and my dramatics had meant that Mum got the letter signed much quicker than would have happened otherwise!
At home, I've been working on my Sixth Form Essay (actually managing to gather some information and find some good points!) and also have written a first draft of the presentation Poppy and I have to give in assembly (although I have not heard back from the teacher who was supposed to be helping us yet and the headmistress wants a copy on Monday...) I have also made a lot of progress on my Peter Rabbit cross stitch (all the actual cross stitching is now done, I'm just detailing with backstitch) and got very easily distracted by the internet!
I have recently realised how close school is and how much I have left to do so I've been trying to focus on doing everything I need to e.g. Sixth Form Essay, BMAT essays, presentations about Anniversary Halls, getting stuff ready. As you can tell I'm slightly unprepared! I luckily have some fun stuff coming up too (Steph's 18th tomorrow and going to Cambridge on Monday) so hopefully it won't ALL be work...just the majority...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Theoretically I can drive...

So the past few days have been fun and as you may be able to tell from the title, I had my driving theory test this morning...and passed! To be honest I would have been embarrassed to have failed! If you've ever seen the questions that are on the theory test you'll Dad was testing me last night and had to ask if these were actually the questions they used as the answers are so obvious! Anyhow, now that that's done I've just got to pass the practical test...of course it might help if I'd actually had more than 4 lessons and was going to be allowed to drive before mid-October!
Other things I've done over the past few days: Tuesday night Caz and I went to see the Inbetweeners movie (good for something that's come form a tv programme but not exactly a great movie!), yesterday morning I had a doctors appt and stuff started to get sorted and today after my theory test I met up with Hannah and Ellen for coffee in Guildford after which we went searching for Steph's 18th birthday present.
I've also been starting to write a presentation for the first assembly of term (and first assembly in the new building) that Poppy and I have to deliver, attempting to plan my sixth form essay (on the truly fascinating topic of placebos) and not even starting my BMAT essays...fab! I have however made progress with uni decisions as I have now entered in my 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices to UCAS (Birmingham, Southampton and Bristol respectively) I just have to decided between Oxford and Cambridge for spot No.1!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Even more techno!

So I'm sitting in bed writing this and I'm not even on my laptop! I'm writing t from my iPod because I downloaded a free app so let's see how it works!

Yesterday was fun, if tiring for a cripple! We had all the family friends over for a BBQ so I spent most of my time on a sofa but that was okay :) we had lots of fun and people didn't end up leaving till 10ish! The Butts stayed over so Ilona and I watched Bruce Almighty on tv for a while before bed.

The foot's been painful especially when I move but I'm drugging up and managing to deal with it!

Today Caz is out doing St John Ambulance service at a Thai festival in Godalming an me and Dad are going to go an roar through the new Hindhead tunnel in his car and film it!

Friday, 26 August 2011


So I've been thinking about starting a proper blog for a while and in typical me fashion I haven't been bothered. However, today I had an operation on my foot to pin a year old fracture that wasn't spotted and therefore didn't heal (thanks gymnastics) so now movement is agony. So as I'm lying around doing nothing besides watching movies and moaning (sorry Mum and Dad!) I decided I might as well distract myself. We'll see how it goes but hopefully I can remember to post regularly and actually have something interesting to say!
So I've had an amazing summer holidays so far although I've not seen nearly enough of my family and actually ended up missing them quite a bit! I went to Italy for four days straight after we broke up on choir tour. The weather was beautiful, we had an amazing time and the concerts were pretty good too! We visited Verona, Padua, Venice and Lake Garda. Then I had a little time at home to sort stuff out before I headed off to South Africa for 3 weeks with 15 other girls from my year.
It was incredible, life-changing and unforgettable. We started with a cycling tour and night in Soweto before we went on an Environmental Awareness Course where we slept on a carriage train and did things ranging from shooting and skinning an impala (that we then had as schnitzel for dinner!) to riding and dealing with problem horses to game drives and stargazing. We then went and stayed at the Telekishi Project where we taught at the local primary school (the kids loved us) and painted the entire inside and outside of their preschool. We then headed into the mountains to do some tough walking trails in an incredible landscape (where we swam and played in freezing waterfalls!) before heading to a luxury safari resort where we did game drives and had a little R&R. It was a packed and amazing 3 weeks and I loved it all, though I missed the family lots especially my sister!
After South Africa I got my results which I was very happy with before heading off to the Lake District for Caroline's Queen's Guide Exploration where we looked at the life of Beatrix Potter and also did some stuff like waterskiing! I loved the landscapes and the glorious old buildings and decided that I am going to live in an old house in the country when I am older.
When we got back I just had time to squeeze in a visit to a children's hospice, my UKCAT exam which also wwent well and a funfilled morning at Thorpe Park yesterday with Caz where we got soaked but had great fun.
Today I had my op which I was quite nervous for. It went well but I was very disappointed not to get the cast I was promised as I'd told people they could sign it. After puking up some of my lunch due to the anaesthetic, we headed home where I lay on the sofa watching Charlie and the Chocolte Factory with Dad. We discovered that one of my crutches is broken so Dad's taking it off to swap it for a new one tomorrow. We also discovered that it is absolute agony whenever I get up so not much of that will be happening! Here's a pic of me in my bed waiting before the op!