Monday, 29 August 2011

Even more techno!

So I'm sitting in bed writing this and I'm not even on my laptop! I'm writing t from my iPod because I downloaded a free app so let's see how it works!

Yesterday was fun, if tiring for a cripple! We had all the family friends over for a BBQ so I spent most of my time on a sofa but that was okay :) we had lots of fun and people didn't end up leaving till 10ish! The Butts stayed over so Ilona and I watched Bruce Almighty on tv for a while before bed.

The foot's been painful especially when I move but I'm drugging up and managing to deal with it!

Today Caz is out doing St John Ambulance service at a Thai festival in Godalming an me and Dad are going to go an roar through the new Hindhead tunnel in his car and film it!

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