Sunday, 16 October 2011

A lot of craziness!

well it has been ages since i've written, mostly because things in my life have been so crazy! i am currently staying in a hospital in kent while i get better. it's a nice enough place as far as hospitals go but it is really hard and i want nothing more than to go home and get back to school and see everybody!
i have managed to watch more tv in here than i think i've ever watched in my life- and it tends to be very intellectual shows like jeremy kyle and the big bang theory!
i have decided that i am going to take a gap year and apply pqa so that i am in the best state of mind when i do apply. i am hoping to get a job in starbucks and then do some travelling and volunteer/work experience in hospitals. my sister is off having a great time at cambridge which is amazing :)
i shall try and update this more often now that i'm starting to settle in here and get things sorted!
ps sorry about the lack of capitalsan my bb doesnt like them!

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