Sunday, 12 February 2012


Well updating more regularly didn't go so well thanks to the lack of internet in the hospital but the good news is...I've been discharged! Whether this actually makes an impact on the frequency of my posts we'll see but it is amazing news for me. I am so glad to be back at home and even boarded at school on Thursday night. Getting back into the things I love had really helped me to see the better side of life and I can't wait to do everything I used to. For now we have to take it one step at a time and for now that step is revising as I have my mock exams after half term. I'm not sure that they're going to go too well, given how much school I've missed but they should be a good tool to see where I am. Exciting news for this week is that I am going up to Cambridge to stay with my sister from Tuesday to Friday and on the Friday I am going to an open day at Christ's College! Should be good and hopefully it will help me to do some work! Anyway, I have to go and get ready for Church so I'll leave it at that!L xoxo

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