Friday, 25 May 2012

Crawling time

This week has been a rather odd one. It started off being very exciting and nostalgic. We had our last ever lessons on Tuesday so there were lots of parties in classes and saying goodbye to teachers. We also had our Leavers' Picnic on Tuesday where we all dressed up to the theme of "Childhood Toys and Secret Joys" ( I was Little Miss Sunshine) and paraded around the dining hall before heading out to the orchard for our picnic. So it was all busy busy busy and then suddenly on Wednesday study leave started and I have no structured activities all day. And let me tell you it is hard trying to revise by yourself all day. The hours just drag on and never seem to pass! Nevertheless, I am pushing through, trying not to get distracted and remembering what I am working for.

Boarding is very strangely quiet at the moment as most people have gone home for Study Leave. It's good in the sense of there being limited distractions but is quite isolating at times.

This afternoon I am going back to see my surgeon about my foot as it's still giving me quite a lot of pain even after the operation. He may want to remove the plate but we'll wait and see! I just need it to be good enough for me to train on because...My Dad and I are entered for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October! We are truly crazy. Dad's run it once before, in 2009 but this is the first year that I am old enough to run it so we decided to do it together! We are running for Asthma UK as it's a cause very close to our hearts as my sister suffers from extreme brittle asthma. I will give more updates on my training progress as it occurs.


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