Monday, 14 May 2012

A Golden Weekend

Sorry for being MIA over the weekend but my family and I motored off up to Cambridge because 12th May was my Grandparents' Golden Wedding Anniversary. We had a great weekend all staying in a posh hotel together and generally having a good time. Even the weather behaved and for about the first time in a month it didn't pour torrentially! We visited the Botanic Gardens which was nice and relaxing and we went swimming in the hotel's pool (Caroline and I took a sneaky and well-needed trip to the sauna!). We ate at Formal Hall at Emmanuel College on Friday courtesy of Caroline and then on Saturday we had a very fancy dinner in the hotel with flowers and balloons. It was really nice to be able to dress up and do something a bit different. I even managed to get in some good intense revision time which made me feel a little less panicked!

Things are a bit strange at school now that the Upper 5 and Lower 6th have gone on Study Leave. It suddenly makes the fact that we are leaving soon feel very real. It also makes exams feel very close but I wont dwell on that!

I have taken some big steps in my recovery over the past few days and have resolved a lot of issues in my head that will help me overcome my anorexia. I am now much more at ease with the path I am on and am feeling good!

We started practising the song we are going to be singing at our Leavers' Communion and on Speech Day and it is very emotional! I'm  not sure that the tears will hold off when we do it for real.

Things are winding down in class now, we are finishing off syllabuses and getting into some serious revision. I am surprisingly looking forward to my birthday this week. For a long time I have been dreading it but, partly because of what I said earlier about my recovery, I am feeling much happier about it and can't wait!

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