Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hectic Adulthood

Things have been crazy around here! The craziest thing is that I am now legally an adult. I had an amazing birthday, firstly celebrating at school with my friends and then with my family in the evening. I got lots of lovely birthday presents including a gorgeous watch from my parents but my biggest surprise was discovering my sister inside a big box- I had no idea she was going to be home! The video of me discovering her will shortly make its way to Youtube! I took the family to the pub in the evening and bought them all a drink which was really nice.

This weekend I had a small party with skiing friends, a few school friends and my godparents. It was good fun and I had a gorgeous cake! It was a white 18 with pretty little butterflies all over it. We now have rather a lot left...Caroline had some for breakfast.

The whole week was actually very busy. We had a great last open house in boarding on Wednesday night with Pimms and awesome food. We ended up turning the sitting room into a dance floor and jumping around to some classics until rather late. We also started having our last ever lessons in things which is a very strange feeling. It also makes exams seem suddenly a lot closer.

Today I shall be having a more relaxed day, hopefully getting some good revision in and not stressing too much!

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