Saturday, 5 May 2012

Yes, I'm back again!

I can't quite believe it and I'm sure you can't either but here I am, as promised, with another post not long after the last!

Today has been a day full of attempts to do some work (somewhat successfully) and other general oddjobs. One exciting thing that happened: I gave in my application for my first ever job! I won't tell you what I applied for yet (I don't want to jinx it) but I am looking for a job during my gap year and I really want this one!

This evening for dinner my dad and I made a starter of new potatoes with mojo sauce (a canary island dish!) it is delicious and very simple. A good recipe can be found here:

Tomorrow in between work I am making a banana bread and Monday I am making fruit curry- I will try and do a video of them for YouTube where I have started making video/blog thingys. My channel is lilmisslollyboo if you fancy checking them out!

I am very much looking forward to having Monday off school even though I'll be working all day!

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