Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Let me tell you, freedom is fun.

I came back to school on Monday at lunchtime after my appointments with my dietitian and occupational therapist-hard but eye-opening and rewarding sessions. I drove myself here, which I love. There is just something so liberating about being independent. I think it's just the thought that I now have the ability to go anywhere whenever I want to.

Monday afternoon was spent with friends, sewing badges onto my camp blanket and reading. After dinner we kicked off with our cliched sleepover. We painted nails and got henna whilst watching Pretty In Pink and The History Boys. It was lots of fun and full of laughter, something we haven't heard much of in a while.

Tuesday we got up early and took a road trip to Guildford station to catch a train to London. We hit up Oxford Street, browsing through the racks in Topshop, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Forever 21 and (how could we resist) The Disney Store! We had a great time and by 12.30 our purses were lighter and stomachs were rumbling! We went to a little place called Ed's Diner. It is a really cute little New-York style diner with some great food and an even greater atmosphere. After lunch we got the tube to Covent Garden and wandered around the market and some of the little stores. We went on a long trip to try and find the Canada Store so that Mandy could buy her precious Tim Horton's coffee mix and also had fun looking at all the cute slogan attire in David and Goliath. We sat down for a little bit, watching a guy set up his street show before heading back to Waterloo and home again. Before dinner we all chilled, I watched some Gilmore Girls, and then after dinner we started watching Freaky Friday as I had never seen it before. What a hilarious movie! Totally over-dramatic and right up my street! We then headed off to the boarders' preview of the Lower 6ths' musical Cabaret. It was their dress rehearsal and, despite a couple of hitches, they pulled off a great show and it was a really nice evening with a bit of culture thrown in.

I promised you a recipe of the Sharon Fruit and Banana Oat Crumble that I made at the weekend but I left the memory card with the picture on at home so you'll just have to wait until I go home tonight!

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