Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Good Life

You lucky people get two posts today!

The rest of the week spent with my friends was very fun. We had a lie in on Wednesday morning and then just before lunchtime we headed to Guildford Spectrum. We went bowling which was great fun! I won in our lane but Steph won overall and it was very tight at the top. For lunch we went to Wimpy chicken and ate whilst watching all the kids playing in the pool and on the slides. As you might be able to imagine that lunch was a little challenging for em because anorexics and fast foods don't tend to mix well. I managed to have some fish finger type things but had to pick off the coating because I just couldn't face it. However, I still think it was a big achievement for me because I ate out with my friends, I was quite spontaneous and I managed to choose something off a menu when I hadn't seen it in advance. After lunch we headed downstairs and went ice skating. We had some varying levels of ability/comfort on the ice but after a couple of minutes of finding my feet I was feeling pretty happy shooting around. I did fall over twice but as we say when we are skiing: "If you didn't fall, you weren't trying hard enough!"

I came home Wednesday night because the next day my parents were taking us all to Henley and I had to help my mum do some preparations for what was probably the largest picnic we've ever had. In the morning Mum and Dad finished off preparing the lavish feast and loaded everything in the car, whilst my friends arrived. We all compared our fascinators and hats and twirled around in our lovely below-the-knee dresses. My parents set off in the car and we all piled into a minibus. We had quite a long journey up to Henley, hitting some big roadworks but we got there around 11.30. We were dropped off a little walk from the entrance to the Stewards' Enclosure and by the time we got there had already had several compliments on how lovely we looked. At the entrance we proudly flashed our badges and were let straight in. We headed to one of the bars to await my parents and enjoyed a ridiculously overpriced but delicious jug of cold Pimms...just what was needed. We sat back and chilled, reveling in the poshness of it all. Everywhere we looked there were beautiful hats and the hugest range of different blazers we had ever seen-some of them were rather more colourful than others! My Dad was in his Cambridge blue one. My parents arrived and Dad told us a little about how the racing worked. We then went off on our own and found some stools right in front of the water. We had great fun watching some races and devised a new game. As each boat came past we had to yell out the position of the  rower that we found most attractive-childish and yet very entertaining. We discovered that we all share a rather similar taste in men.

At 1.00 we headed off to the car park where Mum and Dad had been busy, laying out picnic rugs and setting up a table with the feast. Dad popped open the champagne and we all layed down to bask in the unexpected but very welcome sunshine. We started off with vegetables and dips before keenly moving onto the main. Dad had prepared some gourmet sandwiches; smoked salmon and dill, and a three bread-slice chicken and avocado. We also had several different salads (green, potato, rice) and six different quiches. For pudding we had loads of gorgeous British strawberries and cream. It was really nice, just sitting in the sun, chilling and chatting together.

After lunch we headed back to the Stewards' Enclosure. We had just finished experiencing the most luxurious event toilets you have ever seen when I got a message from my dad telling us to meet him by the bandstand for a surprise. We all rushed over intrigued and Dad introduced us to a man called Lynton, who he knew very well through work and who just happened to be an umpire. Lynton gave us all a pass that apparently entitled us to go onto the Committee Lawn. We were still not quite sure what this meant but he led the way and we entered a fenced off area right in front of the finish line. It is an area normally only open to people with high rank. Lynton bought us all a drink (iced coffee-yum) and then explained to us where we now had access to. We could sit in the floating grandstand and walk all the way up the path to the boat house. Several of us decided to wander down there, flashing our badges excitedly as we passed the security guards. Once down there we discovered lots of different crews, moving their boats around and getting ready to race. It was a rather pretty sight (some of the men were taking their tops off to pull up their rowing outfits!) but we were immediately distracted by a very lavish red and gold boat- The Gloriana! As we had seen her just weeks earlier, leading the Jubilee Pageant down the Thames, this was extremely exciting for us Royalty lovers! We took our pictures with her and even, sneakily, touched her! We spent the rest of our afternoon watching races from the floating grandstand (picking out teams to cheer for), listening to the military band, sunbathing in the deckchairs and dangling our feet in the river. We had a group photo and were asked by the women taking it if we had just rowed. We played with them for a bit, letting them believe we had. 

All too soon, it was 6.00 and we had to go back to our minibus. We had a fun trip home, joking with our bus driver and spent the evening going in the hottub, watching movies and giggling. We had a big sleepover on my lounge floor and woke up late to a breakfast of sausages and many varieties of fruit juice.

On Friday, a few headed back to school while a few of us went pottery painting in Ripley. People painted a shark, a cupcake pot, a mug and saucer and bowls. I painted what I like to call a "recovery bowl". It is a bowl with encouraging messages on it for me when I'm eating and once I have finished eating I will have revealed the Well Done written in the bottom! I thought it was rather funny. After we finished I had to rush off because I had a job interview at Starbucks. All went well and I got the job! I start in August which will give me time to get trained up before the term starts (it's on the University campus so get's super busy in term time). I will hopefully be able to do that full time from September!

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