Monday, 4 June 2012

Knock knock?

Who's there? Is anyone there? Yes I am still here and yes I have been updating my blog far less frequently than I would like but to be honest a)I don't have time to update it more at the moment and b)if I did you'd be incredibly bored by the lack of interesting stuff in my life right now. I can't wait till after exams (only 18 more days-now that's scary!) when I will have time to do whatever I want and time left over!

So a round up of recent life (minus those boring bits I mentioned):

1. With some of my birthday money I bought myself a Kindle 4 and it is AMAZING. I permitted myself to buy (and read) one eBook before exams- I chose to reread the Hunger Games- but no more. That is one reward waiting at the end of exams. Whilst buying my Kindle,  I was pondering what to get my friend Louise for her birthday and I came up with the idea that some friends and I could all chip in and buy her a kindle. She named him Cicero.

2. We went out to dinner for Louise's birthday at TGI Friday's. It is the first time I've been out to a restaurant with my friends since I got anorexia and was a big step for me. It was stressful and scary at points but I managed it and I managed to really enjoy spending the evening with friends. Laura-1 Anorexia-0 Woohoo

3. I went to see my sister playing her French Horn in the Royal Albert Hall. She played with Surrey Advanced Brass and the Surrey County Youth Wind Orchestra and was absolutely fantastic. It was so great to see my sister up there in such a famous venue playing like she was born to do. Sooooo proud.

4. I saw my surgeon and have an operation scheduled for early August to get the plate taken out of my foot. He's not sure if it's actually the plate causing the pain but if we did an MRI now the plate would shine and block out anything useful so we'll see how it is after the op (fingers crossed it will be sorted) and take it from there.

5. Half-marathon training has not been going too badly. Right now I am focusing on building up my stamina because 5 months sitting in a hospital doing nothing makes a simple jog pretty hard work. I'm increasing th distances slowly and it sure helps that my running partner is my Dad! The only minor setback is the weather-we don't much like running in the rain!

Jubilee celebrations are in full swing and I shall do a post on how I spent the long weekend shortly.

Lolly xxx

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