Sunday, 17 June 2012

Screw it

I was going to abstain but...then I realised I had promised an account of my jubilee celebrations!

So my celebrations were interspersed with work but I did manage to have a good time nonetheless.

Sunday-Whilst working I watched the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. I thought it was a marvellous sight, I loved all the grandeur. And I would just like to say how in awe I am of the hundreds if not thousands of people who rowed their boats in horrible conditions for several hours. Now that is some impressive stamina and I wouldn't mind a piece of that in my half-marathon training!

Monday- In the morning I headed down to Send in my Guiding uniform to process with the Brownies in the parade. The central road was closed and we all followed the Sea Cadets Band and a wagon. The turnout was much less than expected but it was still a good atmosphere and a nice memory for the girls. In the evening I tuned in for the Jubilee Concert which I thought was a great success, although my favourite moment has to be HRH Prince Charles' "Mummy". Google it if you're not sure what I'm harping on about.

Tuesday- Well, firstly, it was my little cousin's 10th birthday! I cant believe she is this old, really I can't. I still remember her at 6's scary how kids grow. In the evening we went to a "Neighbours Only" event at Clandon Park, which was just open to West Clandon residents. My, parents, grandparents, aunt, the birthday girl and I went and had a very interesting tour of the usually closed attic rooms. We had planned on a picnic but the rain was horrendous so we had an indoor picnic down in the basement.

That pretty much sums it up although whilst we're on the Jubilee topic (and I think it's about time to put it to bed-it was a little while ago now) I have to mention a little treat my Mum bought me.

It is a gorgeous Jubilee tin from Marks and Spencer with the most divine rounds of shortbread inside. Me and the parents have been enjoying them tremendously. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have dreamed of deviating from the standard cereal bar that I have as part of my morning and afternoon snacks but I took the plunge and was surprised to be able to appreciate the biscuits. So thank you M&S.

Now I MUST get back to my revision. I have had my blogging fix for now and hope you have had your reading fix.

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