Saturday, 23 June 2012


Well, the exams have finished and I am still alive. Battered, worn down, exhausted but very much alive. And I'll tell you a funny thing. I spent the whole exam period, and much of the lead up to it, thinking about all the things I was going to do when I had finished exams. I had so much planned but yesterday evening found me wondering what on earth to do with myself. It would seem that after such a long time of being pretty stressed, it takes the mind a while to get used to not having to do anything. I thought there would be no end to my love of having nothing to do. I do love it, don't get me wrong. I just feel rather unproductive!

I say that but I have done some rather useful things today, they just happen to be completely unwork-related. My Dad and I went to the Fishmonger's and Sainsbury's. My aunt and cousin came over and I managed to book myself a week of child-minding her (my cousin, not my aunt!) during the school holidays (good news seeing as I got another job rejection yesterday-it was waiting for me straight after my exam but I was so elated at having finished that I didn't really mind!) I also made a Sharon Fruit and Banana Oat Crumble- pictures and a recipe shall come soon, I promise because, if I say so myself, it looks rather good! And now I am settled down, watching the Grand Prix Qualifying.

Hopefully now the blog can become a proper project and shall be well updated. It should get a bit more interesting now that my life does not revolve around school. I have lots of activities planned that I want to share with everyone!

Just one thing to leave you with:

The struggles end, you get through them, new adventures await!

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