Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Came to Cambridge

Mum and I got up early Sunday morning so that we could drive to Cambridge and spend the day with Caroline and Alex. I am staying up here with Caroline until Friday. Predictably I slept all the way until my Mum woke me up because there were traffic cones across the road which blocked us off from where we were meant to park. I sat in the car being useless while Mum went off to find someone in charge. After a while she came back, picked up the cones and drove straight through. She assured me she had permission...

The four of us went out on a guided punt which took us down the river past all of the colleges that back onto the river (Kings, Clare, Trinity, St Johns) and under the famous bridges (Clare Bridge, Mathematical Bridge, The Bridge of Sighs). The weather held out and it was really relaxing and very interesting!

We then went out into the Emmanuel gardens and sat by the pond having a picnic. We were quickly encircled by ducks of all varieties, looking longingly at our food. Mostly it was slightly annoying but there was a very cute moment when one of the very young, very fluffy ducklings got a little lost and ended up in the middle of our picnic rug. After a quick nibble at my fingers it found its way back to its family.

In the afternoon we went to John Lewis and invested in some Olympic attire. We also went to Build A Bear to pick up some Olympic wear for our bear (a picture will come at some point!) That evening we all went out to ASK Italian. It was quite a treat for Alex as she is a coeliac so doesn't normally get pasta but they had gluten-free pasta. She experienced her first ever Pasta Bolognese! For pudding I had a delicious pistachio gelato- one of the best I've ever tasted!
Alex and Mum left to go home and me and Caz enjoyed an evening watching some Fawlty Towers.

On Monday, Caz and I had a little lie in before getting up and heading over to the Grafton shopping centre. We spent our morning shopping, buying quite a few new things, and had lunch in Debenhams. In the afternoon we went to see Snow White and The Huntsman. It was amazing! We ate dinner in hall, which is always a fun experience, even when it's not Formal Hall. That evening we snuggled up to watch Cheaper By The Dozen, the perfect way to relax with a few giggles thrown in.

On Tuesday we headed off to the market after breakfast and got ourselves some mango fruit drinks. After looking around there a bit we headed to a bookstore but found it a little wheelchair-unfriendly so we wandered around a bit looking for a music store that Caz had once stumbled across. After a little searching we found it and Caz hurried me in, desperate to show me something. Not long later, we walked out of the shop, the proud new owners of a bright yellow ukelele! She has been christened Emmanuelle, nickname Emma after a certain college!We came back to hall for lunch and I then spent the afternoon having a jamming session and going for a run around Parker's Piece while Caz had an appointment. We then headed out for an afternoon ice cream (this has become a sort of tradition and quite a good test for me!).
We wandered around King's Parade, finding out when the college and chapel would be open and generally mooching around. We had dinner in hall again and then Caz headed out to a meeting whilst I had great fun, judging the Olympic mascots that the Brownies had designed. 

Wednesday was a day of adventures. We got up and headed over to the Grafton Centre as we needed a few more things for the Brownies and we wanted to go into an amazing shop called Evolution which has the cutest little random things ever! We sat in Costa for a while, me freezing my brain off with a Mango and Passionfruit Cooler and Caz enjoying a patriotic Gingerbread man (his buttons were Union Flags!) before going into a dress shop to try on some outrageous frocks and have a good laugh. Unfortunately the fitting room lady was grumpy and wouldn't let us take pictures :( We then hit up Poundland, getting supplies like paper plates, before going off to have lunch in Debenhams once again. I had recently bought Caroline a Wreck This Journal so we had good fun completing a couple of the activities in there. We headed outside and Caz went to Argos while I went in to Whittards. As I was browsing through their tea selection I noticed a policeman and security guard standing outside with the women from the dress shop fitting room. They were pointing at me. 

The policeman came in and asked me to step outside with him. My first thought was "Oh my Gosh, what has happened to my sister?!" but as he started to speak I realised that she was not the issue here. Apparently some dresses had gone missing from the shop and the lady thought it was us. The security guard had been trailing us all around the centre apparently (we'd obviously be great secret agents with our great observation). Another policeman had by this point brought Caroline over and we were both subjected to a search in the middle of the street. Thankfully they found nothing and we were cleared but we were not really in the mood for shopping any more. We rushed back for a cup of tea-it always seems to make things better! 

I think we can both safely say that our hearts have had their exercise for the day. It was a seriously stressful experience and I am just looking forward to a time where this will be nothing but a funny story to tell!

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