Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Having a ball

On Saturday evening we had our Leavers' Ball. This is held at school and started off with a champagne reception for us and our parents. Normally this part is held out in a beautiful area of school called the Rose Garden but as the weather was very unpredictable this year and it was raining on and off, it was held in the Upper Atrium of the new Anniversary Halls.

In the afternoon I went to the hairdressers with my mum to get my updo done. I felt like an absolute princess.  My dress was bought and altered at Maureen's in Cranleigh and I absolutely love it.

When we stepped out of our taxi at school there were professional photographers there to snap us looking pretty. I had a picture on my own and then with my parents. We all mingled at the reception, darting outside to take lots of pictures whenever the rain held off long enough. We had a traditional group photograph with all the girls, parents and teachers, outside before the parents got in minibuses and headed off to a ball that had been organised for them by some parents.

Meanwhile all the girls and teachers headed into the dining hall which had been transformed. Our Ball Committee had decided upon an Enchanted Fairytale theme and had beautifully decked out the hall with flowers, tealights in jamjars, and little butterflies. The entrances were gorgeous arches of flowers with little toadstools all around them.
All of the tables had enchanted names, I was on Leprachaun. We were served dinner and I wasn't sure how I was going to manage but I did really well. I ate everything except the bread and mozzarella off my started (I still don't do cheese) and the little chocolate leaf off my pudding. We had a salad to start, vegetarians had sweet potato risotto with dauphinoise  potatoes and roasted vegetables for main and butterscotch tart with strawberries for pudding.

After dinner and some good old chitchat, the lights were switched off and the disco lights came on. We all made our way to the dance floor and had a whale of a time. The DJ was pretty good, he played lots of recent, well-known songs. The evening really got started when he played Call Me Maybe- no one can resist singing along and jumping to that! We had a very entertaining evening, watching some of the teachers who had perhaps enjoyed the wine a little too much dancing crazily with each other and, in the case of our headmistress, with some of the young men who had come. We danced for several hours, taking a few breaks for fresh air because it was BOILING!

Eventually, the final song played and the lights came back on. People piled into minibuses because we were all going off to join our parents and then enjoy more dancing at one girl's house. When we arrived we had to dash in through the torrential rain, receiving pink wristbands to show that we were allowed to be there. I met up with my parents and my Dad asked me for a dance, thinking that I would flatly refuse. To his surprise I jumped at the chance-what can I say, I'm a Daddy's girl! We went up to the barn where heavy music and strobe lights were in full swing. There was a great atmosphere, with all of us enjoying our limited time left together.

Eventually my parents and I returned home after a brilliant evening. I absolutely loved getting all dressed off but most of all I enjoyed the company-my friends are an AMAZING bunch of people.
My Dad and I
My Mum and I

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