Sunday, 26 August 2012

Can I get you anything else with that?

I am a very good sharer...except when it comes to computers, as I have discovered over the past couple of days! I have become very accustomed to having my own laptop so when it finally got to the stage where
I needed a replacement (it would shut down on me for no apparent reason roughly every five minutes!) I didn't realise how hard these couple of days would be. Having to wait until the computer's free and not just being able to check Facebook when I want or go on Youtube because the main computer's speakers don't work has been hard...very hard. It's kind of sad how lost I am without technology! I am hoping that Gap Year travels may take away from that!

So the biggest news in my life was that I had my first shift in Starbucks...and it was so fun! Seriously, I don't think I could have picked a better job (minus the whole surgeon thing which requires a little more training!) My colleagues are all great fun  and very accommodating to my newbie status. There was no anger or trouble when I got things wrong, which surprised me a little, I guess partly because of my relatively high-pressured schooling. By the end of my four hour shifts, I knew how to work the till, had been round cleaning the cafe and put the dishwasher on twice, had learnt how to "cupmark" and had made numerous drinks from your classic lattes and cappuccinos to the Extra Hot Skinny Wet Flat White to the fun frappuccinos! Luckily as the store is on a university campus and it is not term time, it was not too busy so was a perfect environment for me to learn in. I have another shift this week (I have only had a couple because it is not busy and I'm going away for a week at the beginning of September) and I am very excited!

In other news, me and Dad have started going to church choir and had our first service as members this morning. It was a success although I did manage to throw up all over the church steps. Needless to say I spent most of today in bed!

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