Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Minding matters

Quick update on the foot: It continues to heal well (although I haven't taken the dressings off yet so I could be wrong!) and isn't giving me too much pain. I am very hopeful that removing the plate sorted out the problem.

My week has been occupied with babysitting, or as my 10-year-old victim cousin A would prefer me to say, childminding. Actually I'm not sure she'd even agree to that term...we've been "hanging out".

We watched the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics together and I thought it was absolutely wonderful. She crashed half way be fair it was late. I sat back, enjoying all the music and spectaculars, with her warm head in my lap. My favourite musical parts had to be the Spice Girls (just because I love them and they define my childhood), One Direction (swoon) and Jessie J singing with Queen. Unsurprisingly, I cried when they extinguished the flame, screamed when I saw a phoenix, screamed even harder when I saw Darcey Bussell on that phoenix and generally got far too overexcited whenever the camera went near where my parents were sat. All in all, a great night.

Whilst at home, A and I did all sorts, including baking gluten-free cupcakes, making sandart pictures, watching films, doing some teabag folding and making jelly. On Tuesday we got the train up to London and took the tube to South Kensington to see Caroline. After endless questions about what would happen if the Thames leaked into the underground which I gave up trying to answer honestly, we arrived and did a little orienteering to find the hospital. Cari, A and I went out for lunch to a lovely restaurant Riccardo's before stopping off for a spot of Italian Gelato (peanut butter and caramel flavours for me!) We then walked to the Science Museum which is one of my unashamedly geeky favourite places in the world. We only had a few hours there and I could literally spend weeks in there and still be content but we did manage to visit the Web Lab and the Launchpad, two interactive and highly fun zones.

It was a great few days but sadly it has come to an end and I am now sitting up, avoiding going to bed because tomorrow is my results day and I'm just a tad nervous. I dread to think what will happen if my mind is not kept busy so for now, sleep looks to be out of the question!

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