Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fits and Giggles

I deliberately decided to leave Sunday afternoon/evening out of my previous post. INTOPS finished after lunch on Sunday and from there C and I got the train to Paddington and then a cab to a hotel in...Southwark.

For a while now, C has been holding a "surprise" over my head and I had absolutely NO idea what it was. All I knew was that we would be spending Sunday night in the hotel and then I would head home on Monday morning. So after a brief clothes change at the hotel, C and I set off for Southwark Tube Station. The walk should only have taken 5 minutes but it took a little longer because Poppy the electric wheelchair has been poorly lately and has been going VERY slowly (she is all better now and zooming along once more!) Once there, I proceeded to put on a blindfold (a piece of material that had been tied round the pillows!) and shove my ipod on full volume. With Demi Lovato blaring in my ears, C pulled me onto her lap and drove us...

It was...interesting...for me. I would be surprised by the unexpected jolt of a lift and trying to remain balanced (even when sitting) on the tube with no vision is...tricky.

We arrived at our destination after a few challenges. I was still blind and deaf but suddenly my sense of smell was inundated with...Mexican. At this point I was allowed to remove my blindfold and earphones to discover...we were in a restaurant at the O2 Arena. I still had no clue why...

C turned me round to face a big screen when up flashed...Michael McIntyre's face. I freaked out and laughed cried screamed for a good 5 minutes. I couldn't believe we were actually going to see him in real life. It was his first stand-up show for three years and boy had I missed him!

It turned out that the restaurant we wanted to go to had too long a queue so we ended up in a buffet restaurant inside the arena called...Jimmy's! (My Dad's name!) It was lovely although we came out stuffed to bursting. We then hurried to our seats (which we had to swap to wheelchair accessible ones when we were inside- they turned out to be much better!) and waited in anticipation.

The two funniest hours of my life then followed. I did not stop laughing once. That man is a genius.

I won't give too much away because his DVD of the show is coming out in November but I will say, he made some jokes about a hotel room which left C and I giggling randomly throughout the evening as we spotted things around our room that brought back snippets.

My sister knows me too well because it had to be one of the best nights of my life. I had been looking forward to my "surprise" for ages and when I found out what it was, it exceeded all expectations I could possibly have had. I am so thankful for my ammazing sister and her incredible kindness and generosity.

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