Friday, 30 November 2012

Ice Princess

So I have once again been slacking from the world of work and spending some time up in Cambridge with my sister. Due to Cambridge's short terms (term ends on Thursday!) Christmas has already arrived there. It is a time of year fondly known by students as Bridgemas.

On Friday I travelled up with my mum and me, my sister, my parents, my godparents and their son all went to Formal Hall. It was a very nice evening, a much needed catch up, that ended with a quick drink in the college bar. On Saturday, they had all left and C and I went to brunch with some friends at Murray Edwards (our Mum's old college although in her day it was still New Hall). We then went to the Grafton Centre and did some Christmas shopping and went to the cinema to see Nativity 2. It was a good laugh, if not the most high-brow or believable film! On Sunday after brunch in her college we did something rather exciting (it's coming further down, don't worry!) before heading back to the Grafton to finish off a bit of shopping. In the evening we went to the College Advent service, which was a calm, reflective service with beautiful readings, music from the choir and some nice cheerful carols. We followed this by going to Formal Hall where, as she had done on Friday, one of C's friends read grace (and very well, I might add!) This was followed by me introducing C to a Christmas film she had never seen before: Elf! The next day C had a 9am lecture which I remained in bed for and then we both went to her 12 o'clock lecture on Fungal Infections...actually very interesting although I came out diagnosing myself with allsorts (apparently it's a common med student thing!) In the afternoon I met up with my good friend Abi for coffee and then I went to a concert C was playing and singing in before we both headed to the university carol concert. Sadly on the Tuesday I had to come home, but not before we tried out the new Sri Lankan restaurant "Ceylon Cinnamon". Let me tell you, it was pure and utter heaven. uckily we had that because me and Mum's 1.5 hour journey home that afternoon turned into an almost 6 hour!

So the rather exciting event that occurred on Sunday was...C and I went ice skating! I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here before, but C is in a wheelchair so ice skating has not really been one of her recent activities. However, on Parker's Piece each winter there is a temporary ice rink set up so we went down to investigate and would you know, you can take a (manual) wheelchair on! I donned my skates and tentatively pushed C onto the ice... At first, I won't lie, it was tricky. I fell victim to Newton's Third Law of every force having an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, when I attempted to push the wheelchair forwards, I just slid backwards. I soon worked out however, that if I skated with my feet turned out to the sides (thank goodness for all that ballet!) I got enough grip to actually move her. Once I had that down, we were off and at quite considerable speeds. Having the wheelchair was actually quite know you see kids with those penguins that they hold onto to (attempt to) stay on their feet? It was like having one of those but in disguise! I didn't fall over once, which I normally do because I have small issues with being a little too fearless of getting hurt! It was quite tiring and I actually got hot! I skated round a few times on my own too and C even had a go at wheeling herself around! It was a really really fun activity to do. To anyone who is unsure of taking a wheelchair on the ice, do it! It is actually surprisingly easy and is great fun.

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