Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I can see the future...

I'm going to be a doctor. I've been saying something similar to that for rather a while now because medicine has been my dream for a long time. The main difference was this:

"I want to be a doctor"

See the subtle difference there? Yes ladies and gents, you know what that means! I got my first university offer yesterday and it's from my second choice Birmingham! I am so over the moon right now that I can't even describe it. For a long, long time I've had this huge uncertainty about my future hanging over my head, particularly with everything that happened last year, and anyone who knows me, knows how well I deal (or don't) with uncertainty! It feels like so many little pieces have slotted into place. Birmingham may be my second choice but it doesn't matter because a) although I REALLY love Cambridge, I also really love Birmingham and b) I'm going to be a doctor and I don't care where I do it! That doesn't mean I'm not still crossing my fingers till they break for Cambridge to come through but the world has been mostly taken off my shoulders!

I wasn't too sure, if I'm honest, how the Birmingham interview had gone (I'm even less sure about the Cambridge one!) especially as it was all over so fast but I guess it went well enough which is a confidence boost in itself. All the offer is conditional on now is some injections (most of which I've had) a criminal records check and a few basically unconditional!

I think my family are pretty relieved too! I'm not sure they could put up with me for another year!

I just have to say it one more time because it keeps hitting me:


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