Sunday, 23 December 2012

Perfect Harmony

In Elf, Buddy says, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." He is one clever "elf"!
You can put out all the Christmas decorations you want, do all the Christmas shopping and bake a million mince pies and still nothing will alter my spirits so drastically as one simple piece of music.

I love most kinds of Christmas music. My favourite "pop" style Christmas music at the moment is Michael Buble's album. I bought it for my parents last year and we would listen to it on all the long journeys to and from the hospital. I dreaded those journeys, particularly the ones going back, but that CD got me through them. I'm also a fan of the classic Christmas songs and naturally can't help but love a little Bieber "Under the Mistletoe" magic. All of those songs are the kind that will get me dancing around the house and getting excited about the more commercial side of Christmas.

However, I am also a practicing Christian and for me, this time of year still has a very meaningful feel. We are celebrating the birth of a man who will take all the sin of the world (and there is a lot of it!) onto his shoulders, bear it for us and eventually die so that we may be reunited with God in heaven. We are celebrating the fact that God is giving us his only son. Now, we know that God will eventually have to sacrifice that son to save mankind. At the time people did not have any idea that this would happen but still they knew that a baby, who it had been foretold would save humanity and bring us closer to God, was to be born. They knew how special it was. Shepherds and Magi travelled miles across wasted lands after angels told them of the news. Animals in the stable bowed down before this newborn baby. This was the greatest gift that could ever and will ever be given to anyone which is why we celebrate today. I find that the Christmas carols we sing are a brilliant way to spread festive cheer whilst reminding us why it is that we are so overjoyed. There is nothing quite like the majestic chords of O Come All Ye Faithful or the more somber but uplifting tones of a particular favourite of mine "O Come O Come Emmanuel". Add to that a heavenly descant and the candlelit atmosphere of a small village church and you experience a whole new aspect of Christmas. This evening I was very proud o sing the solo first verse of "Once In Royal David's City" to open our parish church's service of carols and lessons.My Dad and I have been singing with the church choir for a little while now and it is something we both love so it was an absolute honour to be asked to sing this. We also sung many pieces including John Rutter's Candlelight Carol. This is a beautiful, more modern, choral piece that is definitely worth a look on Youtube.

I am not sure whether I will post again before Christmas so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for a wonderful, spiritual Christmas.May the Lord bless you and your families at this magical time of year and ,may the Christmas music blast out with joy all through your houses.

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