Sunday, 6 January 2013

And so it begins...

I got back from my skiing holiday yesterday which makes the fact that I am heading off on my first set of Gap Year Adventures in 10 days very, very real! With this in mind, this blog will be changing a little bit as I use it to keep you all updated about my travels!

People keep asking if I'm nervous and I am a TINY bit but to be absolutely honest with you, I am just dead excited! This surprises me quite a lot because in the past when I have gone away on my own, I have always been pretty scared about what is to come. This time, I'm going further into the unknown than ever and for far longer and yet I am much less afraid. This bodes well for uni next year!

Preparations are getting into full swing:

  • I have started making a list of everything I am going to take
  • I am up to date on all the injections I need and have my Visas
  • Dad and I ordered my new camera today (my old one is dying, with a non-working flash, a dodgy zoom and general wear and tear!) I went for the Panasonic Lumix TZ30-it's compact but with a wicked zoom and great quality
  • I've checked my baggage allowance on the different airlines (most important-I need to know how much shopping I can do!
The basic plan is this:
I am going to India with my Mum from 16th-27th January. We are staying mostly in Mumbai but are also going to Pune, where we will be staying in the Girlguiding World Centre Sangam. We will be visiting some of my Dad's family, sightseeing, shopping, relaxing and having a good time! We are hoping to get the train from Mumbai to Pune which could be an interesting experience!
On 27th January I am flying to Colombo, Sri Lanka. For 6 weeks I will be undertaking a medical placement with Projects Abroad. I am staying in a small town called Nagoda and working in the general hospital there. I will be staying with a local host family whilst there, most likely along with several other volunteers. I will be working about 25 hours per week (generally 8-12 and 2-4 on weekdays) and will have the rest of the time to sightsee and explore the beautiful island. I come home early in the morning on the 11th March.

I should have good internet whilst in Mumbai and internet cafes are said to be very cheap in Sri Lanka (although how often I will get to one I don't know!) Feel free to leave any comments on the blog, I will not be calling/texting very much at all so this or perhaps Facebook is a good way to contact me! I will probably try and set up somewhere different for photos so you don't have to see masses if you don't want to!

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