Sunday, 27 January 2013

Here's to Mum!

This post goes out to my super, incredible, lovely Mum. We have had an AMAZING 10 days together, discovering new things and having a very good time. It was so nice to be able to spend some Mummy-daughter time in a new environment where we never got even a little bit sick of each other ;) We relaxed, had lots of laughs and made some great memories.

Mum was ill so had to stay and miss her flight so we didn't get to say goodbye how we'd hoped to. She got a plane today instead. It was a shame that our trip together ended like that but the great time we had will be the bit that is remembered. So, thank you so much Mum, I will see you in 6 weeks!

I have safely arrived in Sri Lanka, and spent this morning trying to catch up on last night's sleep. A quick stroll to the sea showed me that it is MUCH hotter here than in India... May take some getting used to but bring it on!

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