Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Home sweet home!

Well I’m in my new home for the next 6 weeks! The family is really lovely, with two kids (both boys, aged 9 and 6 and both balls of fun energy) and two dogs. I have a room/house mate called Bianca who is from Australia and has just finished her midwifery placement.
I started my placement at Kalutara General Hospital yesterday. Everyone is very nice but I find it hard working in such heat!  At the moment I’m in Paediatrics but I will also visit General Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics.
Most days I just work in the mornings so I spent the past two days sunbathing, once at a pool at a local hotel and once at the beach in Kalutara. Sea was a bit rough for swimming so we “paddled and dunked”!
Not much time to say more. It is a 3 day weekend coming up so Bianca and I have planned a long trip to Sirigya and Dambulla, Kandy and Adam’s Peak. We leave right after lunch on Friday and get back on Monday. Just been sorting out all our hotels etc!
The town is full of shops and markets and the public transport is frequent, if not all that easy to negotiate sometimes! It’s very hot here, the fact that the house doesn’t have hot water is almost a blessing…who would have thought I’d enjoy a cold shower!

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