Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, No Fear (or not so much anyways!)

Because I'm a cheese-lover (in one and only one sense of the phrase!) I'm going to do a traditional and hideously boring New Year's Resolutions post. I tend to make  couple every year but the only person who ever hears them is me and I just tend to forget about them to be honest! Maybe if I write them down on here, you guys can bug me about them and they may actually get done.

  1. Get (at least some of) my confidence back- I used to have quite a lot and then things happened, anorexia went down, I spent a while isolated in a hospital and BAM I'm a pretty shy, reserved person. If you knew me before all this you would never have used those words to describe me (in fact I was rather the opposite of that!) and I want that person back. Having said all this, it aint gonna be a walk in the park. I know that. I need to push myself, be more assertive and put myself out there for things. That freaks the hell out of me right now but you gotta do what you gotta do! Maybe one day I'll be the showoff I always was!
  2. Keep my new room as perfect as it is now- this is not so much an issue of tidiness, over the past couple of years I have become a crazily tidy, organised person. For obvious reasons, I can't stand things being out of place or messy. It's more a case of keeping the walls free of marks, keeping all the furniture nice and making sure it's  comforting, safe place to be.
  3. Use the computer for a maximum of one hour before I go to sleep- lately I have been browsing the internet for far longer than is healthy right before bed. Granted, I have been trying to put off sleep for another reason that I don't think is going away, but aimless internet wanderings are definitely not the way to do it. One hour may sound like quite a lot but it is a BIG step down from my current nighttime usage. I can always do less...
  4. Stop biting my blimmin nails!- This has been ongoing for years. I suddenly stopped biting them all together towards the end of 2011 and they grew really long and lovely despite being malnourished so I know if I did stop biting them they could be nice. However, recently my old stress habits have taken back over and my nails are shorter than my fingers and pretty red-raw at the top and the sides. It's painful and also so disgusting (just think of all the germs-ew!) It's got to stop!
So that's all. Many people do a lot more than four but these are my big ones that are specifically about starting over this year. Obviously I have lots of other goals and new things will crop up throughout the year but these four WILL still be in place come 31/12/13. 

All that's left is to wish all of my readers, family and friends a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you things you never knew you wanted and my it be filled with joy, laughter and most importantly, love.

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