Sunday, 10 February 2013


This weekend was so good! It was a very different weekend to last, much less packed and planned and more relaxed. I went to Galle with Jeanie (my new roomie from Denmark who is at the same hospital as me and is lovely) and some of the other volunteers who I had not met yet. We got the bus and met the others there. Finding a room was very hard as everywhere was full but eventually 4 of us managed to get into a room intended for 2. We watched the sunset from the fort walls, went for dinner and explored the quaint and quiet streets. In the morning after breakfast at an arty cafe we explored the fort some more before splitting up. Some went home while some of us explores the main city then got a bus to the touristy beach town of Hikkaduwa. We found room then watched the sunset from the beach this time. A thunderstorm started and we danced down the road getting soaked on the way to dinner! This is most unlike me!
This morning we headed down to the beach early and spent the day sunbathing, swimming and being hurled around in the waves and chatting. Katryn and I went to a rotty shop for lunch. I had pineapple and they were cooked right in front of us! This evening I am supposed to be getting a lift home with my host family on the way back from their weekend but am still waiting to hear from them. For now chilling in a beach bar and nicking their wifi!
Was very nice to have a chille weekend and very good to meet some other volunteers. We are goof to meet up after work during the week and travel some more together at the weekends!

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