Monday, 25 February 2013

The End of The World

This weekend we headed to Newara Eliya, up in the hill country. It is a beautiful town often called Little England. The weekend was packed and I ticked a good few things off my Sri Lanka bucket list.

I visited a tea factory
We went to Hortons Plains National Park and did a 9.5km walk that took us to World's End (where the cliff suddenly drops away in a 880m sheer drop that you can lean right over), Little World's End and Bakers Falls (spectacular waterfalls)
I took a 7.5hr journey on a Sri Lankan train where we waited 2hrs for a seat, saw stunning scenery, listened and joined in with the locals who played and sang lively music the whole way, dealt with a suspected heart attack and generally had an extremely memorable time!

Today is the monthly public holiday due to the Poya (full moon) so we have come down to the beach at Hikkaduwa.

Amazing weekend with lots of new and memorable experiences!

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