Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It all started with a mouse...

Just over a week ago, my family and I arrived in Orlando, Florida and since then I've been so busy I haven't posted! We came to DisneyWorld to meet up with our family (my Dad's brother, his wife and their two beautiful kids) who live in Pittsburgh. Last year they came to England to see us so this year we made the HUGE sacrifice of coming to Disney to see them ;)

For the first 4 days in the Beach Club Resort in Epcot (also with Kim's sister and her husband). Then we went on a DisneyCruiseLine ship, the Disney Dream, for 3 days. We have now returned to DisneyWorld but are staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Wish I could wear this everyday...
What we have done so far (in a very brief and undersized nutshell):

Magic Kingdom-explored, the ladies had lunch in Cinderella's castle with the princesses (yes, C, E and I all dressed up as Mulan, Ariel and Belle respectively), did rides eg It's A Small World

Epcot-Finding Nemo attractions (ride and live Turtle Talk with Crush), had lunch in France with Remy the rat from Ratatouille, rides eg TestTrack, Mission Space etc, explored some of the different countries eg Mexico, looked at the amazing flower displays/statutes and fountains, took a photo in our matching red Daboo Crew tshirts
May have bought some pink leopard print mouse ears

Animal Kingdom-went on a jeep safari in Africa and a walking safari in Asia, did rides eg Expedition Everest, saw the Festival of the Lion King show (amazing!), saw LOTS of different animals (O kept a record in his notebook) went on the dinosaur ride

Hollywood Studios-rides eg Toy Story and The Great Movie Ride, did Star Tours, saw the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show, did a Studio Backlot Tour
All Aboard the Disney Dream!

Disney Dream-parties and fireworks on board, rode the Aquaduck- the very first watercoaster at sea, swam in the pools whilst watching Disney movies on the big screens, went to Castaway Cay-Disney's private island- and lay on the beach etc, did activities like learning about the animation and drawing of characters, dined at themed restaurants-also went to a VERY posh and fancy adults only one called Remy, went to Broadway-calibre shows in the onship theatre, rather enjoyed unlimited free soft drinks

With Minnie at character breakfast
Other-went to a baseball game (Pirates vs Braves) at Wide World of Sports, had a character breakfast at Chef Mickeys, met lots of characters around the parks, got caught in a thunderstorm in Downtown Disney

Take me out to the ball game...
I'm sure I've missed lots and there is lots still to come!

The accommodation has been amazing. The hotels are all so themed and fun! Animal Kingdom Lodge is particularly cool because the buildings are right in the middle of the savannah so you have African animals like giraffes and zebras right outside your windows/balconies. If you wake up early you just pop outside and watch (or if you get supercold like me you wrap in a blanket and watch through the glass!) The entire building is African themed and decorated, it's beautiful. I don't mind having a double bed to myself either, after being on the top bunk on the ship!

Most of all I am having an AMAZING time with my wonderful family, learning to believe in the magic again and having dreams come true.

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