Monday, 15 April 2013

All too brief!

This weekend C and I traveled to Brighouse in Yorkshire along with around 160 other Scouts and Guides who make up the majority of the UK Contingent for the 14th World Scout Moot which we are going to in Canada in August. It was our 2nd briefing weekend and was a great chance to learn a bit more about what we would be getting up to and mostly to have fun and get to know some people.

Amongst other things we:

  • played a game of "human monopoly" (giant board set out with tape on the floor, human counters etc) where the properties and "challenges" were all related to our moot experience
  • reenacted a First Nations story about Maple Syrup (during the moot we go on an Urban adventure. There were 4 paths to choose from: Life, Adventure, Eco-responsible and the one C and I picked which was Culture. Each path works for a day with an NGO and ours focuses on integrating the First Nations people hence we were learning a very little bit about their culture!)
  • picked up our kit that we had ordered (very exciting although they accidentally ordered my fleece jacket in a Mens Large instead of a Womens Small...I drowned so it has been sent back for an exchange!)
  • did a pub quiz with different sections such as Canada, Guiding, Scouting etc
It was a great fun weekend (despite the loooong hours travelling) and I was really happy to get to know everyone a little better. I was also so happy to be able to catch up with two amazing girls who I met on the Centenary Camp back in 2010 (also funnily enough in Yorkshire!) We spent a lot of time together during that experience and had some brilliant fun but haven't managed to meet up since then so it was really good to see them. I am now so excited for the Moot and am counting down the days!

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