Monday, 21 October 2013

And they call it puppy love...

Life recently in the Daboo household has been taken over by one adorable, cheeky, precious, funny, loving, snuggly boy. No I don't have a boyfriend although if he fit all those words I would be very happy! Meet Daboo kid no.3...
This is Archie, our wonderful 13-week-old black labrador! Technically my mother's dog (as you can perhaps tell by the unshortened version of his name-Fibonacci) he has taken over the home and ensured that everything now revolves around him! He loves his cuddles and also has his very crazy puppy moments! He will eat anything and everything and permanently looks at us like he's half starved. I promise he's not, we feed him 4 times a day so he almost rivals me! 
He is incredibly sociable, wanting to meet everyone he sees and give them a big lick, hug and chew. He is inquisitive and very entertaining, often getting into fights with towels, coke bottles and his own tail. Every day he seems to break his own high jump record, making more and more safe places unsafe- I'm sure that our house will soon be the most uncluttered one in the country which, if you've ever seen it before, you'll understand is unimaginable.
As I write he is charging from window to window as he chases the lawn mower. 
While unspooked by most things, his own reflection does cause him some bother. He likes to run around and thanks to his supersonic growth rate, our stone floors and his lack of care he often falls over...he is getting rather adept at forward rolls! Do they do doggy gymnastics?
It's safe to say he's won the hearts of the entire family and you'll see a lot more of him!

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